Our Mission

The Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance (CADA) is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for legal access to healthy, safe, unprocessed milk and milk products, provided by local farmers or artisan cheesemakers.

CADA believes that high-quality milk must come from ethically treated, healthy, and pastured dairy livestock. We use research, education, and advocacy to work towards this goal.

Get Involved

Canadians are among the 1% of the world’s population restricted from accessing raw dairy by their government. There is significant current research showing health benefits from raw dairy. There is also a growing number of people unable to digest processed (pasteurized) milk, who want to switch to raw. Proven safety standards exist. If you want access to raw milk – be counted! Become a member.

Help the cause just by becoming a CADA Member. The greater our numbers, the stronger our voice. No membership fee required. Sign up today!

Do you want to help even more? Can you spare a few hours per month, or help with a one-time event in your area? We will find the right role for your skills and interests.

We are entirely volunteer-run. We use your donations to educate consumers and other stakeholders, to support research needed to convince lawmakers, and pay expenses of running our organization.