About Us

CADA is a collective of Canadian consumers who want to see Canada’s outdated ban on raw milk lifted. Living in the only G7 nation where raw milk cannot be sold legally, we advocate for safe, healthy access to raw milk through appropriate regulation and inspection. We support family farms that nurture their land and livestock to produce top-quality milk. We demand consumer choice!

Board Of Directors

Carolyn Johnson


Mother; farmer’s granddaughter; teacher; novelist; website copy writer; Vespa enthusiast.

Eva Kralits

Treasurer & Advocacy Lead

Immigrant from Austria where farm families thrive & produce ethical, high quality food for local consumers; CPA; Risk & Compliance Specialist; nature lover.

Kim Trudeau

Director & Ontario Lead

Mother; teacher; farmhand; living seasonally & sustainably; passionate supporter of local regenerative farmers.

Golda David

Director & Alberta Lead

Unschooling mother; homeschool facilitator; author; cheesemaker; owner of DemystifyingEducation

Stephen Magee

Director & Volunteer Lead

Card and board game enthusiast; history buff; avid reader; personal health devotee; philomath.

Donna Costa

Board Secretary 

Author; Weston A Price Foundation member; retired holistic nutritionist and homeopath.


Jaki Ayton


Dairy goat farmer; public health adinistrator; Secretary, BC Goat Assoc.; Treasurer, Vancouver Island Goat Assoc.

Kristian Clinton

Digital Communications & I.T. Manager

eCommerce & I.T. specialist; dog parent; local food and Made-in-Canada supporter; family of Weston A. Price Kingston chapter founders.


Mark McAfee

Dairy Farmer, McAfee Farms &


Production of raw milk and raw milk products; the largest raw milk farm in USA — 950 cows, 42,000 gallons of raw milk weekly, 3000 pounds of raw butter weekly; sold in 1300+ stores across USA


Margaret (Peg) Coleman

Medical Microbiologist / Risk Analyst
Coleman Scientific Consulting


Microbial ecology, predictive microbiology, public health; peer review and education; microbial benefit and risk analysis


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