CADA is a collective of consumers who want to see Canada’s outdated ban on raw milk lifted. In the only G7 nation where raw milk cannot be sold legally, we advocate for safe, healthy access to raw milk through appropriate regulation and inspection. We support family farms that nurture their land and livestock to produce top-quality milk. We say yes to consumer choice!


Jaki Ayton


Dairy goat farmer; descendant of farmers; public health employee; non-profit experience; Secretary, BC Goat Assoc.; Treasurer, Vancouver Island Goat Assoc.

Eva Kralits

Treasurer, Advocacy Comm. Lead

Mother; farmer’s granddaughter; immigrant; Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA); nature lover.

Richard Barrett

Director & Provincial Advocacy-AB

Great grandson of Manitoba homesteaders; son of dairy farmers; raw dairy activist; proud grandfather of two grandsons.

Carolyn Johnson

Vice-Chair & Lead, Communications Committee

Mother; farmer’s granddaughter; teacher; novelist; website copy writer; Vespa enthusiast.

Stephen Magee

Director & Lead, Volunteers Committee

Card and board game enthusiast; history buff; avid reader; personal health devotee; philomath.

Donna Costa

Secretary to the Board of Directors

Farmer’s daughter; author; WAPF member; holistic nutritionist; retired homeopath; sourdough bread maker.


Sam Mason

Volunteer, Social Media

Proud child of an immigrant, try‑hard student, social media addict, lover of Canadian wildlife and Mother Earth.

Lorraine Spekkens

Mother; physiotherapist; city dweller; rock climber; bike rider; business owner; lover of dairy and farm fresh foods.

Rebecca Cunningham

Mother, nurse, farmer’s granddaughter, sustainable and local food systems advocate.


Mark McAfee

Dairy Farmer, McAfee Farms & Organic Pastures Dairy – the largest, dedicated raw milk farm in California with 820 cows, producing 42,000 gallons of raw milk and 3000 pounds of raw butter each week, sold in 1300+ stores across USA

Founder & Chairman, Raw Milk Institute, a non-profit dedicated to increasing raw milk safety through standards and training

Educator and Mentor, guiding raw milk farmers in the development of individualized Risk Analysis Management Plans (RAMP) for their farms

Retired EMS paramedic & Acute Care Medical Educator

Worldwide lecturer,  Safety and Health Benefits of intentionally-produced Raw Milk

Mission Pilot for Flying Doctors, remote Mexico

Volunteer Mission Pilot, Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Air Squadron, California

Husband (40 years); father of two thriving in the family business; grandfather to six, healthy, awesome grandkids.