Canadians are among the 1% of the world’s population that are restricted from accessing raw dairy by their government. There is significant current research showing health benefits. There is also a growing number of people unable to digest processed (pasteurized) milk, who want to switch to raw. Proven safety standards exist. If you want access to raw milk – be counted!

Become a Member

Be counted as someone who wants access to legal, safe, raw milk in Canada. Become a CADA General Member by signing up to our email list and providing a few (optional) details about yourself that will help our advocacy work. No membership fee required. There is power in numbers – BE COUNTED BY SIGNING UP!


Can you spare a few hours per month? Perhaps you prefer to work on specific time-limited tasks such as assisting with a current advocacy action? Send us an email at with your name, province, area of skill or interest. We can explore what is available and let you decide how you want to help.

Donations are welcome to support the costs of running the website and the organization. All work is done by volunteers. We are a non-profit organization, not a registered charity, and therefore CANNOT provide income tax receipts. Currently, we are accepting cheques and e-transfer donations only.

Make cheques payable to: Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance and send to Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance, 12 Upjohn Road, Unit 8, Toronto, ON M3B 2V9.

E-transfers can be sent to:

happy cow
Buttercup, a Jersey cow

Take Action – Lobby Your MP

Many (maybe most) MPs are not aware of this issue. We need to educate them! If they have no preconceived bias against raw dairy, they are very likely to be open to supporting a change in our law once the have the information we are sharing on this website.

Lobbying is easier than you think! Start by sending an email to your MP. You can use an example lobby email, which shares our information and asks for a meeting.

Please send all responses you receive to us at: For negative responses, we want to understand why the MP objects. For positive responses, we want to engage them further and get their support when lobbying the Ministry of Health. One of our volunteers will help you take the next step. We are targeting to have 10 MPs, from all parties, supporting us before going to Health Canada again.

Spread the Word

Help spread the word about CADA by distributing postcards and posters. Perhaps your favourite food vendor at a farmers’ market will hand the postcard to the customers? Can you post at your regular health food and grocery store? What about your church bulletin board? There are many places willing to support CADA’s mission.

These colour postcards are available to either print at home (consider putting two on a page) or print through online printing services. The poster is 8 1/2 x 11″, and prints in black and white or colour.