CADA Newsletter May 2022

In this issue: a story from a Serious Criminal (raw milk farmer) in BC; CADA Year in Review; meet your Board of Directors; Membership categories and update; CADA looking for researchers; and advocacy update.

Member story

This month, take a few minutes to read a story from a SERIOUS CRIMINAL (aka raw milk farmer) in BC.

We’re always looking for stories about how our members have achieved better health through raw milk, or how access to raw milk is essential to their culinary heritage. We’re also looking for your stories about regenerative and raw dairy farming.

Please send your stories to for upcoming newsletters.

Year in Review

April 2021: An Ontario farm is raided. Members who took access to raw milk for granted are dismayed and start to look into getting Canadian laws changed.

Summer 2021: Founding CADA members meet with leaders from the BC Herdshare Association who have gone through similar raids. We choose a name, target a strategy, commission a logo and decide on next steps.

September 2021: Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance is officially incorporated.

November 2021: Members launch a website with the key health and safety information for lobbying. Instagram and Facebook social media launch soon after.

December 2021: CADA has 415 members and has recruited 3 Members of Parliament who are willing to take our case to Health Canada.

April 2022: CADA hosts an event with Sally Fallon Morell, founder of She reminds us that getting raw milk legalized is a marathon, not a sprint. We will need to be committed for the long haul.

May 2022: We hold our first AGM, elect a board of directors, approve by-laws and organize committees.

June 2022: CADA surpasses 1200 members representing almost 3 times as many milk drinkers.

And this is just the beginning.

Dairy farm at Comboyne, New South Wales, Australia. Photographer: C. Goodwin. Wikimedia Commons.
Dairy farm at Comboyne, New South Wales, Australia. Photographer: C. Goodwin. Wikimedia Commons.

Meet your Board of Directors

Jaki Ayton has hands-on experience in raw dairy farming and brings a wealth of experience with other non-profits to her role as Chair of the board.

Carolyn Johnson brings her interest in ancestral foods, politics and writing to the CADA table. She serves as Vice-Chair of the board.

Eva Kralits spearheaded the formation of the Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance and serves as Treasurer.

Stephen Magee got involved when his farmer was raided and is a Director and our Volunteer Coordinator.

Richard Barrett runs the Make Raw Milk Legal in Canada Facebook group and has years of experience lobbying the federal and provincial government. He’s a Director coordinating lobbying in Alberta.

Donna Costa holds office as Secretary to the Board. She is a writer with a background in holistic health.

In addition, we have focused committees (leaders in brackets)

  • Advocacy (Eva Kralits)
  • Communications (Carolyn Johnson)
  • Volunteers (Stephen Magee)
  • Provincial Advocacy:
    • Ontario (Eva Kralits)
    • Manitoba (Chandra Rempel)
    • Alberta (Richard Barrett & Golda David)
    • BC (Sidra Phelan Treall)

For more information about the Board of Directors or to get involved with any of the Committees, please email

We are looking for Provincial Advocacy leads for the Territories, Quebec and the Maritimes.

CADA’s year-end is December 31, and the next AGM is planned for March 2023.


Class A Voting Membership – available to individuals who have applied and been accepted based on active contribution of time or money. Subject to annual renewal. Each voting member gets one vote.

Class B Non-Voting Membership – For those who sign up to CADA but do not donate time or money. This membership will automatically renew annually.

Any Class A or Class B member can request a copy of the financial statements at any time.

Jersey cows in the open field on a Danish farm. Photographer: Bart Laridon. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
Jersey cows in the open field on a Danish farm. Photographer: Bart Laridon. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Looking for Researchers

Do you know any researchers, PhD students or even Masters students looking for a research topic that will benefit Canadian farmers, consumers, and homesteaders? If so, get in touch with us at and we will share our information to help them explore these research opportunities.

Membership update

Thanks to everyone who has invited new members! We are up to 1200 members. Could you ask just ONE OTHER PERSON to JOIN via the website? Our numbers are persuasive to politicians. Show them a lot of us care about this!

Advocacy update

Federal Lobby: Our members have approached nineteen Members of Parliament. Three have agreed to support us and we are still following up with the rest. If you have sent a lobby letter out, please let us know by forwarding a copy to

Provincial Lobby: In parallel with our federal lobby efforts, members are beginning to approach their provincial representatives. If you live in YT, NT, NU, SK, QC, PE, NB, NS or NL we need your help to contact your MPPs or MLAs! We also need one or two people in each province to coordinate lobbying efforts. Contact for more info or for guidance on the lobbying process.


See the website for more specifics:

  • Lobby your MP
  • Recruit new members
  • Like and share our posts on social media


A one-time $25 donation from even a few people will go a long way to covering our annual costs. Send an e-transfer to or a cheque payable to Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance to 12 Upjohn Road, Unit 8, Toronto, ON M3B 2V9.

A little laugh…

Why was the dairy farmer asking for directions? He lost his whey!